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Workers Comp

Paradigm Insurance Agency serves many businesses ranging from small startups to large national corporations. Experience in writing commercial policies has taught us that businesses of all sizes have several things in common. One of those things is the need for workers’ compensation insurance. Every business with employees on staff must carry workers’ compensation insurance according to Nevada state law. However, this type of coverage is more than just a legal requirement. It can protect your business and you from many lawsuits in the event that a worker is injured on the job. Additionally, workers’ compensation helps your employees feel safe and secure in their employment.

Choosing Your Coverage

Workers’ compensation insurance assists employees in feeling secure on the job because it covers many expenses related to an on-the-job injury. Your Paradigm agent will review information with you to help you understand what type of workers’ compensation coverage your business needs. Construction companies and contractors that work offsite will need different types of coverage than businesses that primarily employ office personnel. Coverage for a restaurant will be different than coverage for a bank or brokerage firm. The staff at Paradigm Insurance Agency can help you untangle the confusing web of policy information and also shop a variety of carriers to help you get the right coverage at the most affordable pricing.

Keeping Workers Safe on the Job

The best insurance is insurance you don’t have to use, and taking proper safety measures to avoid accidents can also result in lower insurance premiums. While we want to make sure you have proper coverage in the event of an accident or disaster, we also encourage you to take these measures in order to decrease the likelihood of a workers’ compensation claim. You can talk with your agent to learn more about safety precautions for your business.

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